Dear Ava,

Since I didn't hear from you I followed through with the Police Report.
I included:
1) Not hearing from you or knowing your whereabouts for the past 7 months.
2) The slander done to me by Dan & His Bitch (now ex-wife) Dan's family members, my family members and you can add to it people who say they know me but don't, to the point of no return and me not being able to find employment and being persecuted for child abuse by my co-workers and superiors (not to mention "Hooking") all of which never happened, but thanks to the slander by Dan & his family, I have to put up with all this. Slander is a criminal offense. (That part's true).
3) Other miscellaneous details.
Yes, under the circumstances, they will follow up.
I'm picking your sister up to come for a visit today.If I disappear or any harm comes to me, they have the report. (That part's true)
I've decided to set up a BLOG "AVA WHERE ARE YOU, LOVE MOM, XOXOX" with all the sordid details that will put ~"MONICA'S MOTHER"~ to shame. It's in the works with your picture hoping someone who knows you will reply.



Has anyone else had a similar experience? Is there a pattern to this? I know of so many others who have taken this path after divorce. Is this a set-up?

Has anyone ever had their lawyer feed them this line after taking away their spousal support?

"It may be you in his new wife's shoes next. Who would want a man who pays a chunk of his income to his ex-wife? No one wants a man like that."

At this point you know you're on death row, compliments of your Canadian divorce lawyer.

I know what you're thinking ... ... this must be ~"The Curse of the Canadian Divorce Lawyer"~ deal. Yes, indeed it is! Well, since when can lawyers be trusted in Canada? Since when can anyone with a University degree be trusted in Canada? Yes, they can be trusted as long as they live a life of leisure, in the lap of luxury while keeping everyone else underfoot. Sounds to me like they want to fill the shoes of the Royal Family. What's the difference? The difference being that, YES, it is the Royal Family's place to have the upper hand in Canada and not the place of schmoes with University degrees.

Monday, October 27, 2008

October is Wedding Month for Ava

Another young boy, ~ Brandon Crisp ~, went missing in Barrie after a fight with his parents. The entire Community joined forces in the search for Brandon and offered their support to his parents. They’re probably just ordinary people who want to lend a helping hand, after all, it could be their child who goes missing next or it could be your's. Mine’s already spoken for.
~ An Update ~

I come from a family of scholars and professionals. When my daughter, Ava, left for England and several years ago upon her return I haven’t seen her, they were quick to remark, “I guess you have it coming!” “You must deserve it!” “You can’t make them like their mother.” They just sneer every time they hear my name. Just to make me understand that they are my superiors and that since I don’t have a University degree I’m no one important, and by the way, since when do people without University degrees deserve to live? Why, we’re not worth the food we eat.

Of course, Ava’s over 18 and so the Police don’t even want to take a missing person report. The came begrudgingly, but they did come to take the report. People don’t matter at all once they’re over 18. Having children over 18 doesn’t stop making you a parent nor does it stop you from worrying about them night and day. Then, when the Police find our over 18 year old children, they don’t tell us where they are. Who do I think I am wasting their time looking for my kid who’s hiding God knows where (and so do they {know where she is} ~ but not me)? Well, I think I'm a "Person" (in the eyes of the law) and so is my daughter and I think we are people who THEY are being paid to "Serve and Protect". Isn't that what it says on their cruisers?

To think that women have children and raise them with love & TLC and then anyone who is able to sway them their way can take them and keep them as far as the authorities are concerned and keep in mind I've contacted the Police, both Federal & Provincial Governments and the Church. Nothing they can do about it. On the most part they're taken into lives of promiscuity as is so in this case. I can remember when they tried this on me but my parents intervened and were successful in keeping me out of their hands. History repeats itself and now it's both my children who have been abducted. "Their mother doesn't understand these things. It's their place." Wanna make a bet! And I've been warned,
~"I better shut up!" ~

It’s October now and last I heard this was wedding month for Ava. I have no invitation because I’m not invited. It was an act of God that I found her phone number but now that I have my messages go into voice mail and remain unanswered.

Does this scenario sound familiar? How many divorced parents do you know who are in the same shoes? It comes with the territory. This is some racket the divorce lawyers have first running us into bankruptcy, then destroying our children and all the while having us blackballed so we never have jobs or a penny in our pockets.

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