Dear Ava,

Since I didn't hear from you I followed through with the Police Report.
I included:
1) Not hearing from you or knowing your whereabouts for the past 7 months.
2) The slander done to me by Dan & His Bitch (now ex-wife) Dan's family members, my family members and you can add to it people who say they know me but don't, to the point of no return and me not being able to find employment and being persecuted for child abuse by my co-workers and superiors (not to mention "Hooking") all of which never happened, but thanks to the slander by Dan & his family, I have to put up with all this. Slander is a criminal offense. (That part's true).
3) Other miscellaneous details.
Yes, under the circumstances, they will follow up.
I'm picking your sister up to come for a visit today.If I disappear or any harm comes to me, they have the report. (That part's true)
I've decided to set up a BLOG "AVA WHERE ARE YOU, LOVE MOM, XOXOX" with all the sordid details that will put ~"MONICA'S MOTHER"~ to shame. It's in the works with your picture hoping someone who knows you will reply.



Has anyone else had a similar experience? Is there a pattern to this? I know of so many others who have taken this path after divorce. Is this a set-up?

Has anyone ever had their lawyer feed them this line after taking away their spousal support?

"It may be you in his new wife's shoes next. Who would want a man who pays a chunk of his income to his ex-wife? No one wants a man like that."

At this point you know you're on death row, compliments of your Canadian divorce lawyer.

I know what you're thinking ... ... this must be ~"The Curse of the Canadian Divorce Lawyer"~ deal. Yes, indeed it is! Well, since when can lawyers be trusted in Canada? Since when can anyone with a University degree be trusted in Canada? Yes, they can be trusted as long as they live a life of leisure, in the lap of luxury while keeping everyone else underfoot. Sounds to me like they want to fill the shoes of the Royal Family. What's the difference? The difference being that, YES, it is the Royal Family's place to have the upper hand in Canada and not the place of schmoes with University degrees.

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Friday, February 12, 2010, and I Still Don't Know Where My Daughters Are!

It appears that I’ll never see my daughters again and I’m convinced that it’s part of my “Scenario”, compliments of my divorce lawyer and the justice system of this land.

It amazes me the degree of psychological abuse Mothers are subjected to in our society at the hands of the authorities in Canada.  On the other hand, career women are put on a pedestal by their male colleagues who compete for their attention and vice versa.  What’s it all about?

Now that I’ve learned this lesson in life, in my next lifetime it is my wish to be born in a land with a kinder, more humane society.  I pick China.  There’s nothing wrong with a little starvation and a little hard work never killed anyone.  I’ll only have one child, of course, but  I’ll have none if they prefer.  Who needs money?  I don’t have any anyway, not anymore.  What’s so bad about Communism, after all? 

Who do Canadian Diplomats and Political Leaders think they are going out into the world to fight for the human rights of third world nations when they don’t enforce the laws and human rights on their own soil?  As if they get anywhere!  I think they take on these causes so as to avoid dealing with anything related to what they’re really getting paid for.  Doing nothing about everything is easier and better than making big mistakes.  Ditto for all those Christian religions who send their missionaries into third world to the aid of … … well, … … not their people, when their own people can’t find help to resolve spiritual matters and matters of a moral nature.  Since when is it just and fair for a Mother not to be able to see her children?  Only in Canada, you say!

I'm told that my youngest daughter, Monica, is now wearing a Womens Size 2.  I'd say this is anorexic for a twenty year old.  Not even the Office of the Attorney General of Ontario cared enough to set up an appointment to speak with me on this divorce related parental abduction matter.  I can kiss my daughter "Adieu" and bury her before the authorities in Canada takes a stand on parental abductions.  Abducted right under the noses of the authorities while I, her Mother, filed Police report after report and contacted everyone I should have contacted to rectify the situation for the past seven years. If they don't kill me they'll kill my children!  It's part of my "Scenario".  All of our names are on the list of elimination of the Judges of the Newmarket Courthouse. Then again, everyone, absolutely everyone, who walks into that Courthouse is given the death sentence.

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